Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paris Vacation Means Shopping

When you think about Paris, what first comes to your mind? Museums which house the world’s most celebrated art, fine cuisine in 5 star restaurants, entertainment for both with classical and modern taste? Surely all of this combined makes Paris, the city of lights, one of the world’s most visited city. Paris trip planning could be very exciting and informative due to rich historical an cultural heritage of Paris, but your vacation in this city will never be complete without visiting Champs-Élysées or Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré to do what I think everyone would like to do: shopping!

Say shopping and what comes into almost everyone's mind is Paris. Top quality clothes and leather goods have been produced and made famous in this city. This city lives and breathes high fashion!

Paris has been the home of many famous fashion design houses in the world. From the notoriously expensive bags of Louis Vuitton and Hermès, to fabulous clothing from Dior and Chanel, and other brands like Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, and Lanvin,and a plethora of new designers, this city offers it all. These shops have become an important part in the city's culture and identity as a global city of fashion. Surely, people with different penchant in fashion can find his/herself pieces which suit their taste.

Many women and men who are very fashion conscious spend their Paris trips just to go to this city to buy the latest designs from haute couture houses. Some travel to this city just to see the latest in Paris Fashion Week. Designers from all over the world showcase their latest design in these catwalks. These events themselves have become an attraction to elite people in the fashion industry. Celebrities flock to this event not only to see the designers work but also to meet and greet important people in the industry. Designers host these events not just to present their new designs but also to gain publicity to sell their work.

If you are on Paris vacation and you want to shop for chic and trendy pieces but with a limited budget, they can still find pieces for a reasonable price. Shops found in Forum de Halles, offer a wide variety of low-budget copies of high fashion designs. With over 180 interconnected stores found in this subterranean shopping center, surely you will find what it is that you're looking for- if you can live through the madness! Other places such as Rue de Rivoli, Tati, and flea markets also offer many low-budget pieces to please you in your shopping escapade in Paris.

Whether you plan your trip with a preference for high fashion or simply want to shop for low-budget items, your Paris vacation will definitely lead you to find something that fit your taste and budget! Happy shopping and shop "till you drop", as they say!

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