Saturday, July 21, 2012

Find the Best Place to Visit Ahead Before Your Trip to Lima

Lima the largest city in Peru and it is also the capital. This place was founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535, he was a Spanish conquistador. Lima is a modern city that has a curious combination of the today’s mega city with historical islands. During 300 years, this city was the seat of the Spanish rule. This city has wonderful monasteries, cloister and churches that every visitor would love to visit. You would never forget it if you have this wonderful Lima trip.

This place became so famous when the Peruvian cuisine began dominating in the local food. Peruvian cuisine has a large variety of ingredients from mountain, coast and other regions of Amazon. The sea has a lot of fish and seafood with such a great taste of special plankton. Many restaurants in this place cook fish and seafood at very affordable prices. Lima is the best place to taste a local food because it is the home of best seafood around the world. Try some of Lima’s yummy dishes by going out and eat while you are enjoying your trip to Lima.

Below are some tips on how to enjoy your trip to Lima:

  • Don’t forget to book early. Be aware that Lima has a quality to fill up so you need to book as early as you can, and be sure about the place you are going to visit so when you are already in Lima you will no longer wasting time on searching for the hotel.
  • Before your Lima trip planning, try to check the seasons and remember it. Every year, Peru has seasons at opposite times than Europe, United States and some other nations in the northern hemisphere. So if you plan a trip to Lima in July, be aware that it is the Peru’s coldest time of the year and maybe the hottest time in your place.
  • Try their local drink. Miraflores is a famous district in Lima and it has many restaurants and bars. Don’t miss their local beverages when you are in this place. Pisco sour and chicha morada are the famous beverages in Lima.
  • Prepare your jacket if you wish to go to the nearest coast. It is cold there and jacket is important. You may find the brisk of the ocean breeze. When you visit Lima during winter, you may fell the cold during the day aside from the morning and evening. 

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