Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Enjoy Sightseeing with the Mountains while You Are on Your Salt Lake City Trip

There are many things and places to discover during your Salt Lake City trip. From the heart of the city, it takes 20 minutes to get to the mountains. The mountain can be easily accessed depending on the season. If you like to ski, summer trip is the best suggestion.

Another wonderful place to visit is the Antelope Island, and it is a State Park wherein you and whole family will enjoy sightseeing with buffalo, antelope and wild life birds. Enjoy how the Buffalo sounds like when it roams and you will feel like you are stepping back in time. While you are in this wild place, you may also take a lunch with the family of yours so your Salt Lake City trip is fun.

One of the most amazing drives in the mountains of Utah is Alpine Loop and it is a must experience. Planning a trip check the hiking route to Mount Timpanogos or Glacier, you can stop at Cascade Springs and can have an easy walk all the way to the Meadows. Hiking is a lot of fun especially if you do this with your family and friends as well.

There is a small town located in the mountains which is fun to visit and that’s the Heber Valley. But if you are a person who likes water sports, you will find a beach in this place at Deer Creek Reservoir and rent watercraft. Before the day ends, you can have the spa at the Homestead and enjoy the natural springs, and this should not be missed while you are on your Salt Lake City trip. Mirror Lake is another amazing place to visit. It is located in the Mountains of Uinta and it has the bluest water to enjoy with after having a long hike and relaxation. The weather in this place changes in an instant so you need to bring your jacket with you. Another falls to see in this place is situated in Provo Canyon is the Bridal Veil Falls. This falls has a tram and it is amazing for it goes to the top. From the Heber Creeper, you can pick up a ride on a train and it will take you through the canyon.

To make your Salt Lake City trip planning complete, schedule a day trip at the Park City and shop. Visit their great restaurants and try their best cuisine. A lot of people travel from this park to the East Canyon that gives people the best of the world’s mountains. To see the Big Cottonwood Canyon, you need to hike because it is the best way you can watch it. Through the hiking trail, you can go the Brighton Ski resort and from there you will get an idea to see how the mountain looks like and enjoy watching it.

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