Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trip planner with Voyajo

Planning a vacation is easy with the Voyajo trip planner. Whether you are planning a cross country hike or a cross continent vacation, the powerful yet user friendly trip planner will take all your needs and plans into consideration to process and then present the best trip itinerary to use.

Planning a trip is a lot of work especially if you are traveling with family. You will need to consider the likes and dislikes of all members as well as their individual capacity of how much they can take in one day. Depending on these you will need to work the days of travel, how you travel and the modes of transport you use to reach your final destination. Important criteria in your plans will be travel schedules, connecting flights, maps and directions, car rentals, the time zones and differences and a well-informed travel guide. With the Voyajo free trip planner will have all these details right at your fingertips for your reference. 

Planning your itinerary will also include important details like your budget which will in turn include some pertinent facts like the amount of foreign currency you carry or where you can get more, travel insurance and possible extraneous costs that might occur during the trip. For example, you may be traveling to the west coast of US and have prepared for spending on lodging and car rentals, but your road trip planner will also give you possible detours or famous places like Disneyland or Water world to visit with your family and the possible costs of each. 

There is the option of customized planning as well as ready to use trip planners which have been created by travel experts along with existing members of Voyajo. In these you will get detailed tips and guidance from people who have visited the places that you are planning to go and you will get a firsthand account of what to do, how to go and what to avoid. Sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised with suggestions like scenic detours or an offbeat point of interest which might not be there in a regular or standard trip planner. Along with the best driving routes you will also get updated and detailed road maps, local laws and restrictions or even special documentation that a particular place might require. 

The Voyajo road trip planner wizard incorporates your budget and schedule and presents am itinerary which allows to travel in style, in leisure and still not overspend.

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